About Us

Sposato Staffing recruits and hires quality employees and assigns them to businesses like yours to support or supplement their regular work force.

We provide easy access to dependable personnel to ensure your business success.  As your business partner we want to ensure you meet your financial goals, production schedules, and margin goals.

By getting to know our customers better (you!), we are then more proficient in understanding your needs both in present time and for future goals. The more we know your business, the quicker we are able to tailor new team members that are qualified to support you and your company.
Sposato Staffing meets with our employees up front and interviews them extensively to get a good grasp on what their strengths and capabilities are. By doing so, we are able to filter through our team to see which match up best with your own team. Upon their hire, they become our own employees and as such will been our payroll and insurance.